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DEFERRED/POSTPONED Process Call Wednesday 25th Sept

From: David Singer <singer@apple.com>
Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 13:20:36 -0700
Message-id: <B12FE601-93F2-42A5-B591-B774A4AE1CA5@apple.com>
To: W3C Process CG <public-w3process@w3.org>
I apologize for the late notice.  After some analysis, and brief discussion with Jeff, I don’t think a process call tomorrow would be productive. Look for announcements and agendas for the next call. I may have to delay to the 16th or find a substitute for the 9th, as I have a conflict (MPEG) that week.

No call tomorrow.

* * *

If I look at an agenda in general, nothing stands out as both needing, and being ready for, in-call discussion:

tagged agenda+ : 0 pull requests, 1 issue (openstand principles); 

4 2020 milestones: <https://github.com/w3c/w3process/issues?utf8=✓&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+milestone%3A%22Process+2020%22+assignee%3A*>
registries, living standards, how charter review comments are handled, what are ’substantive changes’ for charter reviews

there are 7 new issues that are not director-free, and not living standards and not registries

none need call discussion now, IMHO

I don’t see much in the 12 getting attention recently (overlaps the previous list):

* * *

Opinions follow, and suggestions for next steps.

I think we (W3C, AB, Process CG) need to develop/finalize, post-TPAC and maybe post-AC survey:

* what’s the direction for Living Standards?
  a) ever* where * is one or more of green, blue, teal, etc.?

* what’s the resolution of the questions on Registries?
 b) what must be, may be, or must not be, published together?
 c) do we need to insist on the copy to /TR? (I’ve asked Tantek to file this as an issue as he raised it at TPAC)

* what to do with the feedback from TPAC on Director-free
 d) The TAG appointment process (my gut tells me that this is still a bit soft)
 e) The W3C Council 

And that this is all AB-level, policy, questions, and the Process CG is poorly suited and attended to handle these. I think we need the champions to boil this down to report/analysis/recommendation:

* Philippe and Elika on living standards
* Florian on Director-free
* Myself on Registries

David Singer
Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.
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