Re: [EXTERNAL] Re: W3C process call, 27 November

On 11/26/2019 12:33 PM, Michael Champion wrote:
> - Can Everteal create a plausible “living standard” option without 
> patent policy changes?
We currently envision changing the patent policy.
> - If not, what’s the W3M/AB plan to get a patent policy update in 6 
> months?
We were told by PSIG to choose a major direction before they work on an 
update PP.

At the AB last week we chose ET.

Based on that Wendy feels that she can generate a proposed PP - modeled 
after our traditional PP needs as well as the work that PSIG did for EG 
in the sprint.

We hope to get a draft by the end of January.

>   Does it seems feasible for the “living standard” aspects of Everteal 
> to reference an experimental patent policy but improvements to 
> facilitate well-maintained Recommendations reference the existing 
> patent policy?
I guess I would be interested in hearing PSIG's view on that question.

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