Re: Preparing the Changes section

I don't recall the speifics, but I think there is a process where someone  
takes a snapshot from GH and then it ends up on the W3C site after a bit  
of manual post-processing. Ralph might be able to track the history in  
W3C's systems effectively enough to give you an answer, or may just know.  
(My guess is quite possibly both).



On Sun, 21 Oct 2018 11:05:47 +0200, Florian Rivoal <>  

> Hi,
> I was planning to write/update the changes section for the Process, and  
> wanted to look at a git log starting from the previous published version.
> However, I cannot find which revision in git corresponds to the process  
> as published at
> There are multiple branches in parallel, and no revision from around  
> 2018-02-01 or earlier seems to match the content of the published  
> process. Maybe my gitfu isn't very strong, but I'm starting to think  
> that the process as published isn't actually in git. Or is it?
> I'd appreciate any pointer.
> —Florian

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