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The role of "Postpond" was for Active issues that were deferred when a new Process Document was in preparation. It meant that that issue would become Active again after the publication of the draft being prepared. This is equivalent to "Deferred to the next edition".

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when I moved the issues from the W3C Issue Tracker to GitHub, I replicated their W3C state with a GitHub issue tag, but it struck me that that was not optimal. 

W3C Issues have various states, among which are:

Raised — newly entered, not yet accepted as an issue by the group Open — taken up by the working group Pending Review — believed addressed, waiting for confirmation/acceptance Closed — obvious Postponed — not under active consideration, deferred to a future version

So I created a couple of tags:  PendingReview (matches), and ‘Active’ (which replaces the prior ‘open’ state).

If we need ‘postponed’ we can create it.  Newly entered issues are untagged and hence ‘Raised’; and issues can be closed.  So, the matching is, from old state to GitHub

Raised — no tag
Open: Active
Pending Review: PendingReview

I hope this helps; we can fiddle as needed (though it would be good if there were normal practice across all W3C groups).

Comments welcome

Dave Singer

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