Github issues update


when I moved the issues from the W3C Issue Tracker to GitHub, I replicated their W3C state with a GitHub issue tag, but it struck me that that was not optimal. 

W3C Issues have various states, among which are:

Raised — newly entered, not yet accepted as an issue by the group
Open — taken up by the working group
Pending Review — believed addressed, waiting for confirmation/acceptance
Closed — obvious
Postponed — not under active consideration, deferred to a future version

So I created a couple of tags:  PendingReview (matches), and ‘Active’ (which replaces the prior ‘open’ state).

If we need ‘postponed’ we can create it.  Newly entered issues are untagged and hence ‘Raised’; and issues can be closed.  So, the matching is, from old state to GitHub

Raised — no tag
Open: Active
Pending Review: PendingReview

I hope this helps; we can fiddle as needed (though it would be good if there were normal practice across all W3C groups).

Comments welcome

Dave Singer

Received on Monday, 24 April 2017 03:30:38 UTC