Status of Process 2016

The following is my understanding of the current state of the Process 2016
document based on the major changes to the process that are desire and have
been discussed.


*  Renumbered - 5.2.8*, it becomes 5.2.7 - DONE

*  Remove "W3C doesn't organize conferences"- DONE

*  Simplify and Rationalize Appeals  - DONE as far as I know.

*  Change the AB and TAG voting to Single Transferable Vote - DONE

*  Clarified the rights and obligations of Member Consortia - PENDING update
to paragraph 1 of 

*  Add a process to make a Recommendation Obsolete - REVISED TEXT SENT 

*  Modified the process for Continuing Work on a Specification across
Charters - DONE

*  Allow Editorial Changes to be published as an Edited Recommendation
without AC Review - DONE, except for nits 


Steve Z


Received on Monday, 10 October 2016 15:11:43 UTC