Re: WICG Incubation vs CSSWG Process

On 26/12/2016 17:57, Ojan Vafai wrote:

> In what ways was Transforms, Animations, and Transitions incubated
> before shipping?
> It seems we are operating on different definitions of the word
> incubation, because that is in not an example of incubation in my mind. 

Seen from here, "incubation" is the process that takes an original idea,
with or without third-party help but preferably with, to a stage where
it could be considered an interesting enough and mature enough proposal
for an Editor's Draft or, even better, a Working Draft on the REC
track of the Working Group.

As such, the CSS WG has been incubating new ideas for 20+ years and
has been pretty successful, I think.

The current proposal is to explicitely allow external incubation too.
The process between the end of external incubation and the start (or
not) of WG work remains mostly undefined.

FWIW, the "not all the WG is interested in all WG's activities" message
was already flying around back in 1997. One of the answers was "right,
not everyone is listening/contributing all the time but they can do
it whenever they want and we may loose important comments if we do


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