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Hi all,

Sorry, I have been traveling with more limited connectivity than I expected, or I would have dealt with this already :(

I will ask W3C team to create a repo for the process, which could just be a fork of what glazou has, assuming that is a recent import of the editor's draft. I've only made very small editorial changes recently. I'll also ask Steve to deal with the issues "pending review" from tracker, and move the rest into GH issues.

(sadly, my "other holiday plans" for the next few days mostly involve working on other stuff that also needs catching up).


24.12.2016, 05:10, "Daniel Glazman" <>:
> On 20/12/2016 18:28, Daniel Glazman wrote:
>>  I am not saying this is supposed to be later imported by the Process
>>  CG. This is only an experiment allowing 1. me to have a easier life
>>  with change proposals 2. see if it fits even a bit.
> My personal mirror of the Process repo is alive, GitHub allowing (modulo
> a few bugs there) an easy import of a mercurial repo. Issues are
> another story since I don't see any simple way to import tracker
> issues into GH.
> My changes to 7.1.2 (that also imply changes to 6.2.5) are almost
> ready. I still need to commit some changes/clarifications based on
> some excellent comments made here by fantasai and Florian.
> </Daniel>

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