Re: dropping the request -> Re: w3process-ACTION-47: Produce a proposal for addressing wayne's "comment 9" - allowing appeal where the director's decision isn't the same as the proposal sent for review.

On 2015-03-19 22:57, David Singer wrote:
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>> For that list of decisions after AC Review that can be appealed, the only exclusion not allowing appeal should be approval of the proposal without substantive change with no AC Review dissent (formal objection).  i.e. everyone agreed and nothing changed so even though its in the list, no appeal in that case.
> And indeed if a re-review is requested, you can’t now comment on unchanged material!
A change somewhere that seems to be local may  actually influence how 
other unchanged text will be interpreted. If someone accepted that other 
text in its original formulation, they might reject it after a change is 
done somewhere else.
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