When to close a Working Group?

I'd like to bring up what I think is an open issue: How do we close a
chartered Working Group when its clearly gone off the rails and won't
produce a useful standard?

For example, a Working Group could be chartered with lots of member
support, but later the members withdraw or don't implement. This sort of
Working Group seems to be a waste of W3C member resources. However, it
seems unclear how to actually end a Working Group.

My preference would be that there could be an internal review by W3C if
there is a motion by members, staff, or chairs to close the WG, and if
the W3C review shows that the worries are justified even if the WG is
chartered, then a vote goes to the AC to close the WG. All existing
rec-track docs then transform to WG Notes before closure.


Received on Tuesday, 10 March 2015 22:08:18 UTC