Re: Agenda Process Document Task Force 27 January 2015

apologies for this week; at a 3GPP meeting.  I will try to be on IRC but cannot promise

> 2.      ISSUE-128: Lack of test cases is a major contributor to schedule delay.
> Can this issue be closed as “no further change to the Process”?

I think we should consider whether putting dates on things that require external engineering activity (building implementations or test cases) is a poor idea.  The process seems to require it, but as a wag said, forecasting is hard, particularly of the future.

> 5.      ISSUE-100: Should it be possible to publish a pr before a call for exclusion ends 

I think at least this should be unusual and a step taken only after explicit consideration. If it’s formally permitted, we need to say in the process how the nasty case is handled (an exclusion is received after PR publication).

David Singer
Manager, Software Standards, Apple Inc.

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