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On 6/7/14, 5:32 AM, David Singer wrote:
> On Jun 6, 2014, at 8:42 , Yosuke Funahashi <> wrote:
>> This is one of the reasons why I wrote a message that we should make the AB open. Some people sounded comfortable with keeping the AB small or current size, which I don't understand at all.
> I think in general, once over a minimum size, the efficacy of a committee (and I mean committee, not working group etc.) is inversely proportional to size. For example, for classic boards, I think once you are over about a dozen, efficacy drops sharply.  There are many factors at play: it takes longer to listen to everyone (and one has to, even if people repeat things already said), and in a large group everyone feels itís large enough that they donít have to step up and be particularly active, and so on.

I'd say, even if there were such inefficiency, it was worth letting people who'd 
like to contribute to the Web in the AB do it in the AB.

Moreover, I think the AB should come up with new ideas to avoid this general 


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