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> On 04/06/2014 17:36 , Sylvain Galineau wrote:
>>>> IMHO no matter which way you dice it 25% isn't high.
>> It's a clear signal the AB is simply unimportant to 75% of the
>> members. And it's possible that this is specific to the AB. Not sure
>> how, but I'd like to know. Do we know what TAG turnout is like,
>> incidentally?
> TAG turnout is similar, at least over recent elections.
OK. Yikes.

> I don't think that you can jump to such a conclusion so easily.

I'm not really jumping to any conclusions when it comes to overall membership involvement. Far too little data. I think such low numbers bear the question though, and I'm interested in finding out some answers. Though that may be difficult.

> In a lot of companies, handling AC stuff is given to someone who doesn't get allotted time to work on it. I have seen people for whom it is "yeah, this is important we should really do something, but I'll have to look at it in a couple weeks when I get a sec..."

And how does that not convey this type of W3C business is low priority/unimportant to their employer? If we assume most people know where their self-interest resides (yes, it can seem a big 'if' sometimes...) they'll prioritize AC votes and other related activity based on what they expect the return to be. Likewise, managers allocate time based on what they think matters to their area and so on. If they don't allocate any time to AC tasks, that'd suggest it's simply unimportant to their life. They can afford to ignore it.

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