Re: How to reach AC Newbies and why is there such a Large "Silent Majority"? [Was: Re: Don't disclose election results]

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> On 6/4/14 8:03 AM, Robin Berjon wrote:
>> Maybe we should do some AC training. When I ran for TAG I was surprised
>> at how many reps wrote to say "I'd like to vote for you but I don't
>> understand how".
> Oh dear. That's really {s,b}ad. The closest thing I know about related to
> AC Newbies is <>. If
> there is some additional info that should be added, please do update that
> doc or send me the details and I'll be happy to update it. That said,
> perhaps there are better ways/medium to reach Newbies (f.ex. a 5-10 minute
> video that address the issue you raise as well as other AC Newbie FAQs). (I
> just filed a related issue in the AC tracker <
> track/issues/7>).
>  It would be possible for the team to compile a list of non-voters in the
>> last n elections. It might make sense to reach out to them to ask why.
> Yes, I definitely agree it would be good to know why there is such a low
> turnout. (I just filed a related Issue in the AC tracker <
> -AB
FWIW, I have had this discussion with folks.  "I'd like to explain why this
is important and, that you get a vote why I'd like to convince you to cast
it a certain way"  "sold, but I don't know how."

Now when I approach members - especially new ones - I generally say "Ian
Jacobs at W3C can help you, and he's great if you have questions - here's
his email" :)

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