Re: How to reach AC Newbies and why is there such a Large "Silent Majority"? [Was: Re: Don't disclose election results]

On 6/4/14 9:44 AM, Sylvain Galineau wrote:
> I think we've also established participation info should be published. Knowing whether an election was representative or not really is the minimum.

I just created a new "Voting" product 
<>. I think the 
folks that feel strongly about this topic should submit Issues.

(In general, I can pretty much live with the existing process although I 
admit I haven't (yet) spent time delving into the details of alternate 
proposal(s). I also wonder if there is some actual/real data from other 
cases that clearly illustrate how using the current system vs. the 
proposed system made a substantive difference.)


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