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> Also, class president in school - and yet people continue to live their life despite the fact that high school is highly emotional and popularity is considered important to a lot of people who would run.

non sequitur. As it is something, we can't really assess. There are plenty of ways we could make a different argument. Some kids commit suicide or the stakes are very different, etc.

>  It feels to me (but I am willing to admit that this might not be the majority position if it turns out that way) like we are all adults here and doing the best that we can - there are any number of reasons you can lose an election - for example: People just don't know you, so they don't trust you as much as someone they do know.

culture. You are talking from a cultural point of view where failures are accepted (even valued in some cases) and where being outspoken is a quality. So you are trying to solve an issue which is consistent with your cultural background. Some adults do not have the same constraints. Would you think, for example, that in case of a failure on a business project, the suicide is seen by the community as an honorable end? And still it is happening in some environments.

I agree with Robin here. People often mix up transparency with trust. Usually we use higher transparency for solving a trust issue. Total transparency doesn't solve an issue by itself, it even creates a lot of them too. What we need is reliable social mechanisms of trust and adjust it when necessary.

> Frankly, and this is simply my own opinion, if my employer would really punish me for losing an election for AB, I think I'd be looking for another job because it is a terribly illogical thing to do. 

Consider yourself as privileged. That's a good thing that you have this freedom. Don't put the weight of your freedom on the shoulders of others. 

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