Re: Disclosing election results -- a voice of caution

On 02/06/2014 23:34, Bassetti, Ann wrote:

> I am concerned that there are a few loud voices that predominate, and those are usually male, American/Western European/and one notable Australian. 
> We lose the majority of opinions for cultural or quiet reasons.

Count me as a westerner representing an Asian company, please.
It was not that easy for our candidate to run for the AB and he
was, we were ready to face a negative result. That's the election

All things have positive _and_ negative effects, you outlined the
potential negative ones. But stats could also help a Member see if
its campaign and/or candidate was the right one, help improve it
for next election. Without that feedback loop, none of us is able
to really understand if we missed the election by a little or by
far. I faced that problem when I ran a few years ago and missed it.
I was not elected and I had no idea if I was far away from being
elected or not, something rather important to know.

I am not at all decreasing the value of your comment, Ann. The issues
you describe are real ones and I understand AB candidates are nominated
by a Member, usually their employer who asked (hear "ordered") them to


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