Re: Disclosing election results (was Re: Result Re: Call for Consensus - "Use 'Schulze STV' for voting")

On 02/06/2014 18:46, L. David Baron wrote:

> Agreed.
> Though if we want to understand more about how changes in voting
> systems would affect the results, it would be even more helpful to
> have an anonymized list of ballots (so that we have the information
> about which candidates were voted for *together*).  I'm not sure if
> making that available would be considered to make the data too
> de-anonymizable?

I agree but I think the disclosed data would be too complex to
be readable in that case. In the election that just ended, there
were 12 candidates for 5 seats, and ACs can select less than 5
candidates if they want. The number of possible combinations is
really too important.


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