Re: Proposal to create Public list for the AB [Was: Re: w3process-ISSUE-104 (AB-transparency): AB should conduct all non-sensitive e-mail on a Public or Member list [Advisory Board]]

On 7/11/14 10:19 AM, GALINDO Virginie wrote:
> I am ok to conduct as much as possible AB discussions in open manner


> (who could be against, frankly...).

I think you might be surprised ;-).

> But lets try to have a structured approach here :
> - there is the public process list to deal with process
> - there is an AB-only list
> - there will be a ab-public list, the one proposed here

So, one way to cut it would be to use 3 lists such as:

* ab - use this existing list but change its scope to only be used for 
*sensitive* topics that are _soooo_ sensitive they can't be discussed 
with Members [I think personnel issues have been cited as such a topic]

* member-ab - use this for day-to-day AB business such as agendas and 
such. Any Member should be should be able to subscribe to this list. 
This would eliminate the need to cc w3c-ac-forum and provide a good way 
for AC reps to follow and/or contribute to discussions.

* public-ab - literally, a Public list the Public can use to talk to the 
AB and vice versa.

Personally, I'd be OK with combining lists #2 and #3 into a Public list 
but I suspect it would be difficult to get AB's consensus on that.



> Before operating such 3-places conversations - which I suspect will be a nightmare, but that we can face.
> 1) I would like that we have a clear process clarifying where we AB discussion will happen for each item . My proposal is : all items treated by AB are decided during AB-only discussion on which list it is going to be discussed (to avoid clash, misunderstanding, duplication...). This clarification should be discussed for al topics, except for the process discussions that have migrated in the process mailing list.
> 2) Did we make a decision that the AB-public list would be member-only or public ?  sorry if I missed something here...
> Opinion ? Complementary information ?
>  From the public process people, from the AB...
> Regards,
> Virginie Galindo
> gemalto

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