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> > > And what % of w3c funding comes from membership fees?
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> > Hi Brian,
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> > Before I continue to look up data, can you let me know what you wish 
> to determine?
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> Basically, what is worth suggesting in terms of changes (including 
> "webizen"). I'd like to have at least some basic data points to make 
> sure anything we suggest is practical - it's very hard to offer any 
> kind of input without basic data.  It would be nice if there was some 
> kind of simple public summary, but from what I've found, there really 
> isn't. Membership has a cost, the cost of membership limits who can be 
> a member.  Participation has a cost, the cost also affects 
> participation.  And somewhere, all this income is spent - on what? Is 
> it enough?  Too much? Too little?  It's very hard to make anything 
> remotely like a convincing argument if you can't understand the 
> general problem space.  My sense is that there are some fundamental 
> questions on the ab priority list re: this and I'd like to contribute 
> to the conversation with a basic degree of intelligence.

I'm not sure I understand the linkage between the webizen idea and this 

At a micro level, you might be interested in our fee schedule which indicates the participation 
costs as a function of company size and country.

At a macro level, the vast majority of our funding comes from Member 
fees.  There is a double digit component that comes from government 
research projects - but that funding is used to support to the 
government contract - not used to support working groups (although I 
believe it helps the working groups).

So, substantially 100% of Member fees goes to support direct Working 
Group activity; indirect support of Working Groups (e.g. Communications, 
Systems Support), and basic operations of the consortium (e.g. business 
development and management).

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