Re: Seeking feedback from AB nominees on a few items

On 21/05/13 23:02, Arthur Barstow wrote:

> * All AB discussions related to W3C processes (e.g. the W3C Process
> Document) are to be conducted in a Public forum (e.g. public-w3process
> list).

Hello Art,

I already said multiple times that I think the AB has not enough
visibility, so I agree with this in _most_ cases. AB also contributes
to things that are quite sensitive: for instance in the past the CEO
search. IMO, some of these discussions should not only remain
non-public, but probably Team-confidential.

> 2. A few years ago [2] and again this week [3], some members of the
> Advisory Committee discussed a proposal to change the AB to be
> "self-selecting" i.e. to eliminate the voting. Unfortunately, those
> threads are Member-confidential so if you can't read them, I can at
> least highlight my comments on those threads (if you'd like me to do so).

I agree with this with one big nit: if it's implemented then I think
the AC and the AB have to change names. "Board" is widely understood
by everyone in all industries as a nominated+elected team.
"AC-Rep"=>"Member-Rep" and "AB"=>"AC" would do the trick IMO.


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