Seeking feedback from AB nominees on a few items

Hello AB Nominees,

I am interested in your comments on two items ...

1. One of the things that is somewhat unique about AB members is they 
are expected to "use their best judgment to find the best solutions for 
the Web, not just for any particular network, technology, vendor, or 
user" [1]. Since this implies AB members represent "everyone" including 
non W3C Members, it seems somewhere between ignorant/remiss to at least 
a tad bit hubristic, for the AB to continue to conduct its process 
related discussions in a non-Public forum. To address this issue, I propose:

* All AB discussions related to W3C processes (e.g. the W3C Process 
Document) are to be conducted in a Public forum (e.g. public-w3process 

2. A few years ago [2] and again this week [3], some members of the 
Advisory Committee discussed a proposal to change the AB to be 
"self-selecting" i.e. to eliminate the voting. Unfortunately, those 
threads are Member-confidential so if you can't read them, I can at 
least highlight my comments on those threads (if you'd like me to do so).

I would appreciate if the AB nominees would please share their thoughts 
on these two items.

-Thanks, ArtB

[1] <>
[2] <>
[3] <>

Received on Tuesday, 21 May 2013 21:04:11 UTC