Re: Priorities

On 6/17/2013 9:39 AM, Arthur Barstow wrote:
> On 6/17/13 9:09 AM, ext Jeff Jaffe wrote:
>> I'd be interested in your sense of the highest priority issues.
> The main pain point for me is the dependency "policy" blocks progress 
> as I already mentioned in 
> <>.

Fair enough.  We've discussed in the Team whether we need to change 
PubRules; and how to change it - but to your point that has not happened 

Ralph tells me that he is putting this on the Agenda for W3M this week.

> I also provided information re the Process Document in 
> <>. 
> To expand on section 7 a bit ...
> * One change I think would be useful is to be able to go from CR to CR 
> if no new features are added
> * It seems like PR could be eliminated if the Call for Implementations 
> included a clear statement to AC reps that it was their last chance to 
> submit comments. (For example, something like "this spec will advance 
> directly to Recommendation after the group has satisfied the Director 
> the spec has interoperable implementations".)
> Anyhow, it appears to me that combining LC and CR eliminates important 
> checkpoints and creates too many other issues (to address a problem 
> space that isn't entirely clear to me and apparently some others as 
> well 
> <>).
> -AB

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