Towards getting agreement on the High Priority TR Issues [Was: Re: ISSUE-10 Raising awareness before CR]

On 6/10/13 4:25 AM, ext Karl Dubost wrote:
> Larry,
> Larry Masinter [2013-06-10T14:24]:
>> Karl, thanks for doing this.
> no issue. I had a bit of time today.
>> But I would like to see if there's more clarity about what the problems are, somewhat independent of the proposed solution
> me too. I first want to know:
> What is "Charles’ draft of a revised Chapter 7 of the Process Document."? Tied to this issue. Hard to discuss the issue without the draft to point to it.

I agree with Karl and Larry that we've got a bit of a "cart before the 
horse" issue here (I am already on record [1] asking for a list of the 
problems and issues addressed by Chaals' proposals).

It seems sub-optimal to start the conversation with a proposal when we 
don't have agreement on the problem space, especially the High Priority 

As such, perhaps it would be more efficient to start with "today's" TR 
process i.e. <> and 
that people submit issues and bugs against that document as well as 
submit change requests that address a specific bug/issue.


[1] <>

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