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On Mon, 10 Jun 2013 02:33:17 +0900, Stephen Zilles <>  

> The following is the list of issue raised with respect to Charles' draft  
> of a revised Chapter 7 of the Process Document.


many thanks for doing this. I am now stepping through and adding these  
into the tracker [1] - as I find the time. Obviously, anyone is welcome to  
do that work :)

I would prefer people to reply to the issues with only one issue in a  
thread, ideally referring to the issue number in the tracker. That would  
make it easier to track the changes and proposals than it now is (It took  
a pile of work to make the redline draft I did, and that is missing any  
information about the many things that were just dropped from the existing  

We already have a product there called "Document Life Cycle" (I added  
"ch7" to the title). I think it is the relevant product for all these  




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