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Hi all,

as Art noted, a lot of the W3C infrastructure that we have is really
useful, but in some cases it means using very baseline technologies.

Email is an essential communication tool, and to make that communication
work it is important to distinguish what you are quoting from what you are
adding. There are common conventions on how to do this, but a very basic
rule that I ask everyone to stick to all the time is "if it isn't going to
be obvious when converted to plain unformatted text, it isn't good enough".

Below, some more...

On Wed, 05 Jun 2013 21:13:09 +0500, Arthur Barstow <>

> ...I think it would be useful if the Chairs of this group would please  
> lead a discussion that will lead to a reasonable mail list etiquette  
> policy for this list.
> (FYI, here's what WebApps says on this topic  
> <>.)

As a W3C group, it is useful to know what is in

I prefer to err on the side of being liberal. Many people top-post, and
while I know a lot of geeks hate it, it makes sense to a lot of policy
folks. There are other reasons why it may be reasonable.

I would add a more descriptive note requesting people to use threads  
sensibly. Many mail systems, including the W3C archives, support handling  
threads for more efficient work - but in part this still depends on people  
knowing how to use whatever tools they choose or are given.

I will happily put this stuff on the Wiki, just as soon as I find the
time. But one reason to have a wiki is that it enables anyone in the group
to do so, and I would encourage others to take the initiative...



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