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Even when the technical work is done on a publicly visible mail list, WG Member only confidential lists are useful for non-technical housekeeping issues.   Like phone numbers and passwords for WG member only phone calls.  Hotel information for member only meetings.  Organizing transportation.  There are notices related to Member only licensing obligations when drafts reach particular stages.  And sometimes other bureaucratic details.

Whether groups do their technical work in a publicly viewable list or not is something that this group could help remind W3C AC members on this group when charters are up for renewal.  Having seen this thread, it’s something I’ll pay more attention to in the future.

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thanks Anne,

I think that the W3C should consider only allowing member only discussions when member confidential matters are being discussed. Other issues can be dealt with via judicious list moderation.


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It was rechartered somewhat recently and was kept W3C Member-only because of unspecified Members wanted it to be so, if memory serves me. @mattur on twitter keeps track of those matters better than I do. (W3C Member-only) has some of the details and rationale.

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