Re: Redirect pending when terms move to non-pending

Thanks. In a sense we already do, in that all "core" terms can be navigated
to from within an extension, eg or

Richard Wallis and I have been discussing a more integrated approach where
subdomains are purely entry points but for now that is the navigation
structure. You kind of step into an extension and then stay "in it" even
when looking at terms whose home is elsewhere...


On 13 Jun 2017 1:01 am, "Madeleine Rothberg" <>

I just spotted a link to one of the new accessibility properties in a
document from another organization [1] but they linked to the pending
version and not the approved version. It appears they don't know the terms
were formally adopted. Is it possible to have pending links redirect to the
final pages, so that the change in status is made clear? Of personal
interest are accessMode, accessModeSufficient, and accessibilitySummary,
but I assume this should apply to all recently approved terms.


[1] Library of Congress' MARC proposal NO. 2017-11: Defining New Fields to
Record Accessibility Content

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