Re: sinkholes schema

Like others stated before, I would advise to define a Sinkhole type (in 
area of Landform, RSS feeds, or other) and NOT use the '' .

@Richard: regarding the '' like other '' in ScheMed we are working on a global 
improvement (which will be a next improvement after this coming release- I 
[Skip the long discussion thread, this comment is now the guiding decision 
to prepare a pull request- which may be adjusted afterwards of course]

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Marc Twagirumukiza

From:   Richard Wallis <>
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Date:   03/05/2016 14:04
Subject:        Re: sinkholes schema


Sounds like an interesting use case.

I share your concern about the use of Emergency as currently it is defined 
as an enumeration value for a type of MedicalSpecialty.  What you describe 
is more related to an emergency event.

However as Jim points out, Landform is probably a good area to start for 
defining a Sinkhole type.

Following your thinking it feels like there might be a need for a 
geological/natural event type which could be linked to associated LandForm 
types so that events like the appearance of a sinkhole, volcanic eruption, 
tsunami, meteor strike, etc. could be described.

As to working with Schema, there will be improved documentation in the 
next [imminent] release.  You can preview here:

I would also point you at a 3 part blog post series I produced [1,2,3]


Richard Wallis
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On 3 May 2016 at 12:44, Jim Goodell <> wrote:
I don’t claim to have any knowledge of this area, but would think Thing > 
Place > Landform is the appropriate type for sinkholes.

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Date: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 7:30 AM
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Subject: sinkholes schema
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I am working on two versions of an online map of sinkholes autogenerated 
by RSS feeds from news alerts

The most advanced version of the system would extract certain data from 
the feed (location, size, depth, cause etc), It came to mind that it would 
be useful to  have a sinkhole data schema  to start with

Checked the and found 'emergency' which could (or could not) be 
a top level category for sinkholes

However, noted that emergency in is classified as a medical 
event. That would not do

So, I wonder if others see the need to bump up 'emergency' to be a broad 
term for various types of emergency (medical being one of them)  and if 
this makes sense in this project, and how to do that?

alternatively, I could propose a different type of top level term
such as 'geological occurrance' and stick the sinkhole uner that, but 
would that make sense?

secondly, have not yet found out how to create a new schema
(browsed the documentation but there is no entry on
how to start a new schema). have I just not seen it?

pointers welcome


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