StrepHit - automatic Wikidata references via NLP: call for feedback and support

[Begging pardon if you read this multiple times]

StrepHit is a Natural Language Processing pipeline that extracts 
structured data from raw text and produces Wikidata [1] statements with 
reference URLs.

StrepHit will be part of *Google's primary sources tool* [2, 3]: the 
goal is to provide a standard workflow for data donations to Wikidata.

A *Wikimedia IEG project* has been proposed [4] for the implementation 
of StrepHit.

We have already received support and feedback, but the project welcomes 
your participation as well.
If you:
1. like the idea, please click on the *endorse* blue button;
2. want to get involved, please click on the *join* blue button;
3. share your thoughts, please click on the *give feedback* link.

Best regards,
Marco Fossati


Received on Monday, 21 September 2015 13:17:48 UTC