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Re: Sustainable Codes vs Volatile URIs Re: URIs / Ontology for Physical Units and Quantities

From: Gannon Dick <gannon_dick@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 9 May 2015 11:39:13 -0700
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To: Peter Krauss <ppkrauss@gmail.com>
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 So, now looking at your comments in the light of EXAMPLE1,
 * all URN must design an authority, or  hierarchy of authorities.    Example: URN LEX start with country authority (ex. "urn:lex:br" is for Brazil law, "urn:lex:uk;wales" is for Wales law)  The first level is the namespace autority (ex. ISSN or LEX).
 * no
 problem if "bra" and "esp" are or not
 ISO codes, the authority is FIFA. 
 The URN must to make sense to "FIFA users", not to
 an universe external to the FIFA's
URN's do make sense to FIFA "users" and always will because FIFA will never exceed their authority. No motivation to regulate the naming of "fantasy teams" by fiat.

In similar fashion, the "Rule of Law" is a virtual entity which will never exceed it's authority, problems with enforcement notwithstanding, there will never be name space collisions. A country can sign UN/CLOS, or not, stubbornly ignoring the existence of "big water" (?): Trust me it's out there. 
 * Territorial Sovereignty
 issues can be achieved by namespace (as NISO namespace in
 US) or    or by "hierarchy of
 authorities", as URN LEX do.
One can not fit two three character codes in a 4-wide box, You can fit two "pies" (groan) or 360 Degrees in a 4-wide box as long as there is pairity - the pi's have to be exactly the same size and RDF type (partial to cherry, myself) (groan again).

DNS is constrained this way, CURIES (lists of URI's or URN's) are not.
If you want to take your place "standing on the shoulders of giants", no problem.
Thinking that standing on their heads because you believe you see more than they ... that's a Hollywood Talent Search problem; who needs it ?  
 ... (perhaps we need more examples)
 ... I not see any problem (!) with URNs and an
 "URN-resolver microservices architecture" to
 manage the demands of a
"URN-resolver microservices architecture" ONLY as a URI, otherwise, ...
1) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Von_Neumann_neighborhood
2) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taxicab_geometry
3) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/15_puzzle
4) etc., rinse, repeat

My theory on #3 is that TBL got one as a kid.  Somebody told him it was an Ellipse, probably that troublemaker Feynman and his pal Morrie.  Mine had 16 Blocks, much easier to figure out.

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