Re: proposal: New Actions and Actions contigent on an Offer

On 09/17/2014 11:21 PM, Vicki Tardif Holland wrote:
> In order to model the operation of devices and applications, we propose
> adding the following new Actions:
Sounds exciting! I keep hearing IoT all over :)

Do you already have some examples? Maybe you could open PR on github and
everyone could help polish it there, also this way easier in a future to
find origins of given feature.

> Actions around media consumption often require buying or leasing media.
> To that end, we propose adding to ConsumeAction
Very interesting! What do you think about keeping it more generic, just:
*contingentOn* We could start with rangeIncludes offer but maybe later
extend it to also inclue Action.
I remember meeting in Graz a year ago Markus Lanthaler, who leads work
on We discussed one of my use cases when I need
to define that JoinAction for an Event *depends on* performing
LeaveAction first for another Event happening at the same time in far
location (eg. different city). contingentOn sounds like an opportunity
to address it :)

> And adding to Offer
Whenever we change Offer I think we should check if it also makes sense
for Demand. Also looking at name of this property @|@ I would propose
considering some alternative solutions before committing to this one. I
have some suggestions but would prefer to share them in github PR (or Issue)

> See the attached PDF for details.
GitHub Flavored Markdown supports all the formating you use in your PDF!
I just went ahead and converted this PDF to nice issue:

Yesterday folks at #indiewebcamp gave me hard time once I pointed them
to one of proposals in PDF :'(

> As always, comments are welcome,
> Vicki


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