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On 11/29/2014 02:06 AM, ☮ elf Pavlik ☮ wrote:
> On 10/29/2014 06:40 PM, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
>> The meeting at the W3C TPAC today,
>> brought up some interesting issues.
>> However, I'm still uncertain as to how much interaction is being pursued
>> or proposed.  Does anyone know this, or is it still too early to know?

I believe that the team is working on a solution to the issue
and one will be posted in due time - these sort of things do not happen
overnight, but I hope happen sooner rather than later. From the Social
Web WG's perspective, the absolute latest we'd want a solution to be in
place by the time any of our specs go into Last Call, which is mid to
late 2015.

In the mean time, replicating URIs of existing widely-deployed
vocabularies like in W3C-Rec track documents is to
discouraged as causing fragmentation to the Web, and it would only be
acceptable in Last Call if there was not a resolution from
that W3C members like IBM found acceptable. Something in the space of
the solution of "snapshots" sounds fine to me and was supported by the
W3C at TPAC, and the coupling could be much looser than in HTML5 which
would make things easier than in Sam Ruby's proposal.


>> peter
> Howdy o/
> I noticed on public-w3process list proposal by Sam Ruby on how WHATWG
> and W3C could collaborate:
> may already work much closer with W3C thanks to Web Schemas
> group, but it looks like we still need more clarity on collaboration
> strategy.
> Currently James M Snell works in W3C Social WG on Activity Streams
> Extended/Expanded Vocabulary:
> *
> *
> *
> While I must admit finding it amazing that he wrote tons of great
> examples in JSON-LD, Microdata, RDFa, Microformats and Turtle. I also
> still see it as certain duplication of efforts and possibly creating
> parallel and not well aligned web universes (Please let me know if I
> sound like an old broken record)
> I wonder if possibility exists to publish snapshots in W3C
> namespace. I think this would open much stronger possibility for
> aligning, Activity Streams and other efforts. Also hopefully
> would address concerns related to dependence on domain
> controlled by Google Inc.
> To finish on positive side, I also try to follow recent conversations in
> Hydra CG about common grounds with Data Shapes:
> I recall Sandro Hawke mentioning its relevance during +
> Social WG meeting at TPAC!
> Ciao :)

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