Marking up a travel-booking website

Hi there,

i have been trying to markup a travelsite, but ran into some issues and I
was hoping to find some support here, where all the experts gather :)

I'm not sure if I'm simply doing it wrong, or I encounter boundaries of
current schema? I am trying to expand rich snippet focused, single entity
declarations to connecting entities to paint a complete picture and at
doing so, I wonder what are the best practices, while getting stuck :P

Can you please have a look at my sample code? Imagine I am marking up or or a similar travel booking site. In my first
example I have made the hotel the top level entity, for which one can make
a reservation at the online travel agencies website:

My main problem is, LodgingReservation, not being an entity that can be the
itemOffered? (secondairy, I got stuck with itemReviewed) I've added some
additional markup to make it an real world example where intities are
scatered around the page, not neatly nested, as usually, it's not nested

In a second example, I made the TravelAgency the top level entity;

Got me into the same issue with the itemOffered that can't be a
LodgingReservation. I guess the second example, does not give me rich
snippets, while the first will? So I would think best practice is example 1.

Can you help me fix the itemOffered issue and also, what do you think would
be the best toplevel entity?

Thanks :)

Received on Monday, 24 November 2014 13:14:41 UTC