Re: Series generalized, VideoGameSeries added for sdo-venkman release


Ok, so it appears I tried to implement the rough consensus in too hastily, and also
ran into some legacy baggage in our schema structures. In particular I
missed out the idea that we would introduce subtypes of Series such as
(initially) VideoGameSeries, so that the less generic Series
properties (episodes, actor, director etc.) *could* migrate down to
the subtypes. I would like the wording of Series to be open to its use
with books, periodicals etc even if the presence of 'director',
'actor' is (perhaps temporarily) awkward. If there are sites today
publishing TV and radio Series data using the top class Series, rather
than specific subtypes, it seems awkward to remove properties from
Series. I'll dig around to see how many such cases I can find.

In favour of the present wording, Dan Scott in the github issue did
say "@danbri @Dataliberate Actually, I don't have a problem with the
wording; books, comic books, pamplets, etc are all forms of media
(print media).". But "A media series, e.g. TV, radio or video game."
needn't be the final word on Series. It surely won't be.

There is also the question of how many of the VideoGame properties to
also attach to VideoGameSeries. I went with the simple approach of
saying "all of them", even if some of them will be unlikely. We could
prune a few perhaps.

Anyway I'll take another pass through this tomorrow and hope to return
here with something more polished. The legacy baggage that needed
tidying is that (for old implementation reasons that have gone away
since we moved to appengine/github) there were various properties that
listed domains including both e.g. Series and TVSeries, RadioSeries.
That was a hack needed to make the TV/Radio improvements last year
work with the existing site codebase. I'm removing the redundant
subtypes and tidying some old text...


Received on Tuesday, 18 November 2014 20:43:54 UTC