Re: cooperation between W3C and

Based on the transcript circulated today (thanks) looks like a fair amount
of interesting interactions are taking place at different levels, which
could benefit from some 'structuring' (oh my) ? :-)

some questions:

- assuming is fit as it is, as discussed here, and provided the
wording of the legal matter is revised and does not restrict the public
reuse of the schemas,  could there be a benefit of pursuing further
standardization by means of W3C recommendations?

(question related to t 'why do we need web standards' widely discussed).

Personally I thinks the answer is yes, mostly because the threats of a
federated, multi-tier, segregatory internet is very real (for those who are
following various internet governance messes) and are likely to come
through the corporations via policy makers and politicians (regulatory).

with due respect for all concerned, we need to keep the risks well in mind
when developing the resilient web

I like to think that W3C, through its various efforts,  stands for 'one
web', and that can only be implemented through the universal availability
and adherence to  open web standards.
- if not so,  I d like to hear views
- if so, what could be the mechanism to continue such efforts in parallel,
as mutual reinforcement  that could warrant commercial freedom of the
corporates on one hand, and on the other hand as sufficient guarantees for
the public that the corporates are not going to flick the switch and turn
off the benefits at an unspecified point in the future

if we could agree to a set of questions (these and more) driving the
interaction, and hearing various views from all stakeholders maybe progress

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 11:10 PM, Peter F. Patel-Schneider <> wrote:

> The meeting at the W3C TPAC today,
> TPAC2014/SessionIdeas#Schema.org_and_Social_WG, brought up some
> interesting issues.
> However, I'm still uncertain as to how much interaction is being pursued
> or proposed.  Does anyone know this, or is it still too early to know?
> peter

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