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While this is an interesting direction, I think this would rather increase confusion - most datatypes have very close XSD counterparts, and an RDF-based consuming client could easily use heuristics to map from a datatype to an XSD datatype. 

Listing e.g. xsd:int and xsd:integer in parallel to would make the human-readable display of more confusing.

It was a design decision of back then to use a self-contained meta-model, with datatypes and ontology language components (like rangeIncludes, sameAs, Class, Property,...) being defined locally inside There are pros and cons for this approach, but in any case it is the established base.

Also, I think it would be sufficient if the sponsors of declare that they accept XSD-datatype-typed RDF literals in addition to plain string literals.

Then a publisher can use XSD datatypes for typed literals in RDFa without the need to change


On 10 Nov 2014, at 10:08, Marc Twagirumukiza <> wrote:

> Hello there, 
> I would like to open discussions about the proposal of extending all dataTypes predicates ranges by their corresponding XSD classes. 
> This will keep 'somehow' the semantic use of the dataType predicates of 
> Most concerned properties are: 
> -birthdate: 
> -startDate: 
> -endDate: 
> (I understand that other dataTypes properties' ranges may needs to be harmonised as well,  but this can be done upon specific need). 
> Also for 
> -value: 
> Eg. For birthDate: 
> <div typeof="rdf:Property" resource="">         
>      <span class="h" property="rdfs:label">birthDate</span> 
>      <span property="rdfs:comment">Date of birth.</span> 
>      <span>Domain: <a property="" href="">Person</a></span> 
>      <span>Range: <a property="" href="">Date</a></span> 
>   + <span>Range: <a property="" href="">xsd:Date</a></span> 
> </div> 
> I would like having your thoughts on this, before I can send the proposal in Git repo. 
> Kind Regards,
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