Re: documentation (using tables)

Dan referenced the enhancement of the source to enable it to service an extension built on a<> base.

The result can be sen here:

If you want some more info drop me a mail.  The logic behind this I shared in a presentation at DCMI:


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On 7 November 2014 13:05, Niklas Petersen
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I would like to create a html documentation of my ontology using tables such
as<> does it (ex: I am wondering if they
did it themselves or reused some tool to generate it?

It's an opensource Python application that runs on Google App Engine.

The source data is all in the data/ directory. I know Richard Wallis
here has had some success re-using it for other purposes, but you
should be warned that it is not code that has been designed for
general purpose use. That said, let us know if you make anything
interesting with it :)



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