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> Got it, thanks. And I can live with that just fine.
> Now I also was just looking at the periodicals proposal (
> and wondered if there's any danger of ItemList having some overlap with the
> proposed @hasPart property. @hasPart's description in that proposal says:
> "A related CreativeWork that is included either logically or physically in
> this CreativeWork; for example, things in a collection, parts in a
> multi-part work, or articles in a periodical or publication issue."
> Now I could be wrong here but "things in a collection, parts in a
> multi-part work" both could be expressed with the properties of ItemList as
> well. So I don't know if that should be investigated further as well.
Jarno, you could express them that way...BUT we need to keep them separate
since they handle 2 different kinds of uses...ItemList (editorialized list
of things) and hasPart (things being a part of something, like a
collection)   In other words...An ITEM IN A LIST does not equal An ITEM IN
A COLLECTION.  2 different Types.

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