Re: Finalizing "Roles" design

On 5/8/14, 9:58 AM, Dan Brickley wrote:
> {
>      "@context":"",
>       "@type": "MovieRole",
>       "roleSubject": {
>              "@type": "Movie",
>              "name": "GhostBusters"
>       },
>       "roleProperty": {
>           ""
>      },
>      "roleObject": {
>          "@type": "Person",
>          "name": "Bill Murray"
>      },
>      "characterName": "Dr. Peter Venkman"
> }

How would this then be done for a situation (fairly common) where the 
roleObject has more than one role? An easy example is a person who was 
both an actor and a director in a film. (or: actor/director/writer; for 
a book: writer/illustrator; for dance: dancer/choreographer... etc.) 
Because "characterName"is at the upper level, it looks like an entirely 
new role description needed. True? The question is similar for multiple 
persons/agents in a role: for a movie with three writers, are three 
descriptions required?

Whatever the answers are to those questions, I think adding a few such 
cases to examples would be helpful.


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