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That's because this:

foo:YourBook schema:additionalProperty x:MartinHeppThePerson.

is missing the sub-property for the right context... I.E.  it's missing the
word "author"

1. perhaps that missing context needs to somehow use "additionalType" ?

2. maybe context should just be the "scope" of the Property-Value pairing?

In .. Contexts and Kinds are referred to and modeled actually as
Types. ..(well, that's how we CURRENTLY have designed).

But Martin's proposal presents a slight variation on the CURRENT
Design...that we need, but that we need to get right...and it can be a work
in progress starting at Products & Places. Agreed.


 The new proposal looks fine to me... just wondering about how to handle
missing Context, as Francois is hitting upon...would that be through the
use of "additionalType" or "scope" or something else ?  Can you mock up an
example for his Sunroof case ?

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