Re: How to avoid that collections "break" relationships


Please, let's get the discussion back
to what we want to achieve in the first place.
Right now, the solution is being evaluated
on a dozen of other things that are not relevant.

Proposal: let's discuss the whole abstract RDF container thing on,
and solutions to make clients work at

We're talking here about making clients able to get the members of something.
Yes, they will need to interpret some properties.
Just like an OWL reasoner needs to interpret owl:sameAs,
a Hydra client needs to interpret hydra:member.
That is how applications work.

In no way, defining a vocabulary is extending RDF.
RDF is a framework. I'm not adding to the framework.
I'm proposing a simple property
    hydra:memberOf owl:inverseProperty hydra:member.
If you really don't like me introducing a property,
here's an alternative way of saying the same thing:

   </people/markus> foaf:knows _:x.
   </people/markus/friends> hydra:member _:x.

There you go. hydra:member was already defined,
I'm not inventing or adding anything.

> You want to depend on a particular reading of this non-RDF predicate, and have this reading trigger inferences.

No I don't want any of that. Why do think I'd want that?
Where did I say I want inferences? Where do I need them?

Also, how could it possibly be a non-RDF predicate?
RDF simply defines a predicate as an IRI [1].

> Again making a significant addition to RDF.

When did defining a vocabulary become adding to RDF?

> Which is precisely my point.  You are using OWL, not just RDF.  If you want to do this in a way that fits in better with RDF, it would be better to add to the syntax of RDF without adding to the semantics of RDF.

…but this has _never_ been about extending RDF in any way,
nor has it been about only using RDF or only using OWL.
We don't want any of that. We want:

1. Having a way for clients to find out the members of a specific collection
2. Not breaking the RDF model while doing so

The proposed solution achieves both objectives.




Received on Monday, 31 March 2014 16:26:57 UTC