A rule of thumb for cross-posting public-vocabs with other lists

If you're happy Cc:'ing several W3C mailing lists, each with 100s of
list members, please consider taking the time to write up a summary of
these gigantic discussions in the Web Schemas wiki

It's great that these topics are engaging so many people but the
volume and intensity of traffic can also be overwhelming and
offputting for others. If it's worth cross-posting, then it's worth
summarising. I'd suggest cross-posted threads should be exceptional.
All these lists are publicly readable so a shared link to potentially
interested parties can often do more good as adding an extra Cc:...

The 'collections' thread seems to be revisiting traditional
semantic-web@ perma-thread territory. In my experience, the more
mailing lists that are copied on any given thread, the more generic
the discussion tends to become.


Received on Monday, 31 March 2014 16:22:45 UTC