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On 6/18/14 4:44 AM, Evain, Jean-Pierre wrote:
> 1) I did not take the comments from Peter as negative. On the contrary, he is making good points from my perspective of someone developing a sport ontology for EBU based on IOC ODP results that we receive during sport events that we contractually cover.

There's another route to understanding Peter's points. Why not attempt 
to use terms from the current Ontology to describe the FIFA 
2014 World Cup?

In the spirit of demonstrating the issues at hand, here's something I 
put out  to the general community of structured data aficionados re. the 
2014 World Cup . I've deliberately kept the initial rough cut quite 
shallow as I would like to see others contribute to this initial cut.


[1] -- RDF based Structured Data 
(using TURTLE notation)

-- Basic HTML based Linked Data browser view

-- Deeper Faceted Browsing based Linked Data View .



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