Re: 2014 Sports Proposal - V3

On 18 June 2014 04:48, Thad Guidry <> wrote:
> Peter,
> Tom is right, and all too often, we have seen a bit of egotism from you in
> past emails as well to the group.
> We would expect a bit better behavior from a published author such as
> yourself.
> Come on man.

Please stop this kind of talk right now. We might all have different
technical opinions and debating styles, but please try to assume good
faith (as at wikipedia, No good
ever comes of making such personal comments on a mailing list.

This is a pretty unique forum in that it brings together people with
such a variety of backgrounds (ontologies, knowledge representation,
search marketing, software engineering, librarianship, ...). Please
give each other the benefit of the doubt when you find yourself
puzzled, frustrated or annoyed, rather than assuming the worst in
others. Asking corner-case questions of draft definitions is a
perfectly reasonable way to engage here.



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