Re: PHP library to output microdata markup

On 9 June 2014 16:20, P.Alex <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working now on a PHP library that uses the vocabulary to
> implement and output Microdata and RDFa Lite 1.1 markup.
nice :)
> For more information about the library take a look here:
> In order to render valid markup the library uses a .json file which contains
> all available Types and Properties. (that .json file was
> automatically generated with the
> web bot)
> Question:
> — Is there any official .JSON file, .XML file or whatever file that contains
> all available Types and Properties?
> I've found the website, but I see that the files are
> non official.

Quick reply for now: the best authoritative source is the RDFa file
linked from


JSON is on its way, but that RDFa/RDFS doc is now the master
configuration from which the site is built.



> Thanks,
> Alexandru Pruteanu (P.Alex)

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