RE: offeredBy to supersede vendor, merchant, provider, seller, …?

Properties and Classes associated with describing the entities involved in offering or selling something.

provider - The person or organization providing the service, reservation, or creative work. The provider may subcontract out the service.
Reservation.provider **

serviceOperator - The operating organization, if different from the provider. This enables the representation of services that are provided by an organization, but operated by another organization like a subcontractor.

bookingAgent - If the reservation was not booked directly through the provider, the third-party booking agent can be recorded through this property.
Reservation.bookingAgent **

vendor - A sub property of participant. The seller. The participant/person/organization that sold the object.

merchant - The party taking the order (e.g. is a merchant for many sellers).

seller - The organization or person making the offer.

carrier - The party responsible for the parcel delivery.

** note that Reservation encompasses the subclasses (BusReservation, EventReservation, FlightReservation, FoodEstablishmentReservation, LodingReservation, RentalCarReservation, ReservationPackage, TaxiReservation, TrainReservation)

Proposed Changes

·         Leverage 'provider' to describe the service provider, service operator, or service performer and update its description to more clearly indicate this intended usage;
·         Leverage 'seller' property to describe the entities which sell a service on behalf of the actual service provider. In the case of flights, this would be the airline through which a flight was booked.  If a 'seller' is not provided, it is assumed the 'provider' is also the 'seller'.
·         Introduce a 'marketplace' property to describe the entities through which 'sellers' (or 'providers' as sellers) advertise themselves and are discovered by buyers or agents of the buyer.  Amazon and Expedia would be examples of marketplaces.
·         Introduce an 'agency' property to describe entities which purchase or book services from sellers on behalf of entity for which the service will be performed.  Concur travel agency would be an example of an agency.

·         deprecate 'vendor' in favor of re-using 'seller'
·         deprecate 'merchant' in favor of a new 'marketplace' property; avoids confusion w/ 'seller'
·         deprecate 'carrier' within Flight and ParcelDelivery in favor of using the newly described 'provider'
·         leverage 'provider' to describe what 'serviceOperator' is intended to describe and leverage 'seller' to describe what was previously described via 'provider'
·         deprecate 'bookingAgent' in favor of the proposed more generic 'agency' property

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On Tue, Jun 3, 2014 at 2:50 PM, Thad Guidry <<>> wrote:
Cape Air could also be a provider as well... they "provide the flight" .. for the cost of a ticket offeredBy a vendor American Airlines.  Would that be true, Vicki ?

In theory, yes. If Cape Air provided the ticket, the provider would be Cape Air and one could add the redundant statement that Cape Air is also the operator.

I would like the vocabulary to be a little less ambiguous on this point so that authors have some hope of getting their markup correct.

- Vicki

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