Re: How do you flag a resource which is not available anymore?

Karen, Kingsley

Sorry, rant ahead :)

HTTP URIs are both identifiers and locators and there are thousands of
pages expanding at length on what they mean or not, etc. I don't want to go
again in this permathread of URI meaning. Just want a name to flag clearly
a situation which will be more and more frequent, and which semantic web
actors just plainly ignore or even contribute to create. See below.

Please look at just the following example, and tell me what is your
concrete proposal, beyond all theory.

A backup version of the vocabulary is available at

Now look at what the vocabulary is currently
dereferencing to.
It's 100 times worse than having a 404. It's nothing to do with temporary
failure, which used to host a wealth of precious resources for
the Semantic Web (see is
currently a domain to sale with a garbage placeholder for any URI And the devil knows who is
going to buy it tomorrrow and what the content will be.

OK the future is unknown, but in that case I can bet anything you want that
this domain will never ever come back to its original owner and the URIs as
geof restored in line, because the original domain owner is linked to a
project which is over for quite a while.

I would be curious to have the take of Jim Hendler on this, since he was
the leader of mindswap project. Any chance to catch the domain back?

See also, which is for sale, and down the semantic drain goes
AKT ontology, with all the data using it after 10 years online

What I want is a quick-and-dirty way to show this to the face of the world.

Best regards


2014-06-02 17:33 GMT+02:00 Kingsley Idehen <>:

>  On 6/2/14 11:03 AM, Karen Coyle wrote:
> Bernard, the difference seems to be that I do not consider the URI to be
> dead, only the information that the URI points to. The URI no longer
> functions **also** as a URL -- it no longer locates, but it still
> identifies. [*]
> +1
> The Term has be downgraded to a Word :-)
> [1]
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