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On Monday, February 10, 2014 10:27 PM, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
> On 2/10/14 3:00 PM, Sam Goto wrote:
> > Thus we probably need an alternative for the time being. One option
> > would be (as I mentioned to you in another mail) to separately
> > describe Web resources and "app resources".
> How about distinguishing Web Resources and Web Services (instead of
> "app resources") ?

An "app resource" in this context means a deeplink into a native app. For 
example a deeplink into an iOS, Android, Windows, etc. app. They are not 
really web resources (they use proprietary URL schemes) but use URIs as 

> The crux of the matter here is that we have a Service and its
> distinguishing characteristics. Making these characteristics
> discernible
> and comprehensible to user agents is the challenge at hand. Ultimately,
> we are going to either describe URI templates using RDF documents or
> they are going to exist as literal relation values for which user
> agents
> (as many do today) will have to learn about via API docs.
> If we don't want to be too RDF heavy, then look to the fact that the
> template language is an open standard that has been implemented by a
> number of folks.
> [1] -- URI Template
> [2]
> in-various-languages/
> -- old implementors list (we [OpenLink Software] for instance are
> missing from the list) .
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