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On 2/10/14 3:00 PM, Sam Goto wrote:
> Thus we probably need an alternative for the time being. One option 
> would be (as I mentioned to you in another mail) to separately 
> describe Web resources and "app resources".

How about distinguishing Web Resources and Web Services (instead of "app 
resources") ?

The crux of the matter here is that we have a Service and its 
distinguishing characteristics. Making these characteristics discernible 
and comprehensible to user agents is the challenge at hand. Ultimately, 
we are going to either describe URI templates using RDF documents or 
they are going to exist as literal relation values for which user agents 
(as many do today) will have to learn about via API docs.

If we don't want to be too RDF heavy, then look to the fact that the URI 
template language is an open standard that has been implemented by a 
number of folks.

[1] -- URI Template
-- old implementors list (we [OpenLink Software] for instance are 
missing from the list) .



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